New Game Android The Wolf Mod (endless money)

The Wolf - this is one of the most realistic simulators of the life of wild animals on the android in which you have the opportunity to reincarnate in the most brave forest dweller. In this simulator you can play for the wolf , who can become a true lord of the pack and lead it to protect against the environment and many factors. The developers gave us three full-fledged game modes, namely single, cooperative and huge multiplayer.

Try on your own skin all the hardships of living in the wild, when there is a constant feeling of hunger, cold and other dangerous animals, which are many times more for a wolf. All this in "The Wolf" is supplemented by realistic graphics, well-designed physics and a huge world, which must be studied. You are waiting for constant updates and the opportunity to develop the abilities of your wolf.

Features of mod:

- Ability to free download skills and other attributes (even with zero balance)