New Game Android Major GUN Mod

Major GUN - go into the world of endless battles with terrorists, who now and then capture new territories. Move into this world of pain and show what your "eggs" are capable of if you have them. The whole game you have to perform hundreds of tasks, destroy more enemies and improve your huge arsenal, which with each new level will grow. Each of the missions will give you a good charge of adrenaline, because the atmosphere of the game will not let you relax for a minute.

The game "Major GUN" is made in the style of an old good shooting range, you can control it using the built-in accelerometer or switch to the familiar soft keys. Visit more than 100 different locations and fight with the most dangerous and armed to the teeth of terrorists. Bump your major and earn for him for a bad rank, which can proudly boast in the overall ranking table.

Features of Mod:
- Endless money, cartridges, energy, lives and eagles;
- No advertising