Merge Dragons is an interesting puzzle game MOD

Merge Dragons is an interesting puzzle game with bright graphics and many exciting, stunning locations that will immerse you in the world of funny, cute dragons. You have to save the lands of "Dragon", so that they are not lost from the map of the planet. The mechanics of the game are quite simple, all actions take place by connecting three objects, for example, it can be different plants, or dragon eggs.


In the "Merge Dragons" you will be able to display your own breed of dragons, which will help you to lift the "Draconia" land devastated by evil zombels from your knees. Also in the game you are waiting for secret levels, with an interestingly thought out plot, and with a lot of good and evil characters. Help the dragons rebuild their native abode, and return to it peace, love, and understanding.



Features of mod:

- Open endless money.