Last Day on Earth: Survival Mod (infinite craft)

Last Day on Earth: Survival is another survival simulator that will not leave you indifferent to this genre of games. And all this thanks to a realistically worked out system of survival, crafting and the ability to play with real players on multiplayer. Just do not trust strangers for 100%, because in the most unexpected moment they can substitute you and stick a knife in the back. Here everything is like in real life, you need to eat during hunger, drink water, when thirst sets in, sleep and hide from dangerous creatures.


Do not forget that "Last Day on Earth" is a post-apocalyptic shooter full of hungry zombies, and they will chase you day and night. And in order to somehow resist them, one must craft weapons and improve their fortress. Be engaged in looting, open new lands and increase your chances of survival. Join the clans or create your own. Spend the last day on Earth worthy and even extend your existence until the very death of the character from old age. Feel your own skin, what could be 2027 after a terrible epidemic ...



How can I save gameplay on my device if the game is not tied to a Google account?

1. Go to any file manager on your device (this can be a built-in or ES Explorer);

2. Go to the root of the device and follow: "Android / data / zombie.survival.craft.z";

3. Now you just need to copy the folder "zombie.survival.craft.z" with all the files to any place or on the PC and be sure that your saveings will not be lost anywhere;

4. Now after reinstalling or updating the game, you can copy back the save from the game to the above specified path. 



How to install a mod with libraries (need root permissions)?

1. Install the version of the game that you downloaded, but it may have a different version of the libraries, which can be viewed using " ES Explorer " or " Lucky Patcher ".

2. To do this, just use the file manager to click on the apk file and in the arches you will see the version of the libraries.

3. Having determined the version of the libraries, you will have to download the required archive.

4. For this case, you can use any file manager that works with root. In this task it is easy to cope with the same "ES conductor".

5. Unpack the archive in any place convenient for you. Important! For ARM architectures, it's enough to replace only one file, "", and for x86, you need to change all the files.

6. Go to the unpacked files and copy the files located there on the path "data / app / zombie.survival.craft.z-1 / lib /".

7. If you install this mod is not the first time, you can have several folders: "zombie.survival.craft.z-2 and zombie.survival.craft.z-3".

8. If, at the start of the game, it issues an error "Failure to initialise", then you need to change the permissions to the "lib" folder and all its subfolders with the "write / read / execute" permission (for this, put rw-rw-rw - ).

9. Warning! After each reboot of the device, the libraries (libs) will be replaced by original ones and the procedure will have to be done again. 



How to enter the bunker on a weak device?

1. You need to set the most minimal settings using the application " GLTools " (direct link).

2. Then open it and select the game "Last Day on Earth".

3. Now check the box "Enable settings for this application", "Masking GPU", "Masking CPU / RAM".

4. Select "Apply Template" and select "GPU: Mali T880" and then "CPU: 8 CPUs" and "RAM: 4GB".

5. After all these manipulations, the game should start at the minimum settings, and you can go through the bunker freely. 

How can I return lost game storage if I had a link to Google Play?

1. You need to go to the official site of those. support: and log in with any convenient social network (classmates, VKontakte, Facebook, etc.)

2. Select the game "Last Day on Earth: Survival" and select from the list exactly the item "Error in the game";

3. In the message, write for the example "Good day, I had an error in the game, I wanted to return all my lost preservations ..." (or something like that);

4. During open correspondence, which will last no more than one day in an ideal, you will completely restore your account and you will be able to continue your game with the latest save. Have a good game!

Features of hacking:

- The character is pumped up to level 90;

- Fully coin (to buy energy);

- Many resources (weapons, armor and stuff).