Game Android Kritika: White Knights Mod

Kritika: White Knights are a cool mixture of action and RPG on android in the anime style. You just need to choose your favorite character (Berserker or Acrobatics) and you can safely go to destroy and destroy all enemies. During the passage of the levels you will discover new super skills and quietly pump the character himself, and also collect him a new more powerful weapon and armor. You will be able to pump your percussion right up to level 60 on which you will need to defeat not one dozen bosses and many more no less dangerous creatures.

Kritika: Chaos Unleashed received a long and exciting story, though everything is described and described in English, but for a real fan, this is not an obstacle. You can play the game as an ordinary campaign, and fight in the arena against other players. Start the game and you probably will see the real chaos in the world of Kritika, which not everyone can cope with.

Features of mod:
- The enemy has only 10 HP;
- The god mode is activated;
- Skills are not recharged;
- Infinite mana