game zombie farm mod update 2018

Zombie Farm - tells you about a very unusual love story, in which a zombie falls in love with a beautiful girl and in order to be in order to find a zombie. From this moment, and begins your journey through this colorful and alive world of zombies. To achieve its goal this zombie will not stop at nothing and is ready to even build entire cities and open more and more new territories.


In this strategy, you could still play in VC, Classmates or Facebook, and now it works on android. The game world has not changed and only expanded, and now you can build more buildings, grow new fruits and plants, discover new unexplored islands. In the "Zombie Farm" you will hire dozens of new employees, who will be surrounded by loggers, rockets, fishermen, treasure hunters and cooks. All these zombies will work together to achieve one common goal.




Download for free:

Mod (into zombiebucks) v2.16.2