game The Ugly I (Minion Rush) 2018 mod



Before you a good runner based on the cartoon movie  Ugly I, who ported to the android , which has to overcome the many obstacles that are encountered on the way Mignon. The game is made in the likeness of all the famous rider - Subway Surfers  with many fascinating chips and bonuses. All the suits that you buy in the store give certain advantages in the game. You have a lot to run and overcome on the way a lot of obstacles, climb and perform mini tasks on your way. And the most important task of the game is to receive the Million of the Year award! Have a good trip.


- Many bosses, secret rooms and gifts;

- Review the game from different angles;

- Interesting mini-games in which you can participate;

- Nice voice and graphics in the style of the cartoon "Ugly I";

- Ability to fly on a rocket to the space in space;

"There are many costumes and implements for minions."