Game Iron Desert Mod (lots of money) update

Iron Desert - this time the battles will take place in a distant desert and must complete this battle by dethroning the throne of a tyrant named Iron Dragon. That's only for this you should get your own military base and a large army, which you will develop and improve throughout the game. As key missions progress, you will be able to unlock access to more powerful equipment and ammunition, which will greatly increase your chances of winning.


The enemy is not slumbering and will constantly raid your base to check how strong are its walls. In this case, your primary task will be to strengthen its walls and set up protective weapons along the perimeter. That's only after that you can build a good army and seize enemy territory for the extraction of new resources. As in the famous "Clash of Clans" here you will also have the opportunity to join clans and create your own for a common opposition to the enemies.



Features of Mod:

- Tower bombs disabled

- The protective towers are off

- Heroes of enemies do not inflict damage

- Infinite repetitions



Download for free:

Full version v5.5



Mod (lots of money) v1.2.4