Game Castle Defense on android Mod

Castle Defense on android  - one of the strategies in the style of the well-known Tower Defense. In the game you can choose one of three characters: a barbarian, a paladin or a master. After that, develop a strategy with the use of four towers, which you can improve and turn into eight, and with the help of which you defend and attack a suitable opponent to you. Towers are divided into: a bunker that shoots arrows; a laboratory that shoots a special poison, slowing the movement of enemies; Fort, which deals damage with the help of energy charges and a gun that shoots explosive shells, but recharges for a long time. Also available to you will be magic. Enemies will be of twenty kinds - they are polar bears, ghosts, goblins, bosses and others. Each time enemies will be stronger and more skillful. 


To build the towers you will need resources, you will earn them with every dead enemy, to improve something crystals are needed, which will be issued at the end of each successfully passed level. Also here are four unique tools that help kill enemies and heal their warriors.

The game has 15 types of locations in which you will defend your possessions, increase your power, receiving a large number of achievements (equal to thirty). Also there will be 90 levels, passing on different difficulty levels, some upgrades will be available.

All locations are drawn by hand in the cartoon style, which looks good on phones with a higher screen resolution. The voice-over is done well - you can feel the full importance of the fight.



Disinfection:  Elite Games

Android version: 2.2 and higher

Language: English



Download for free: 

Mod (Mod into crystals)  v1.1.0