Game Case Clicker 2 Mod

Case Clicker 2 - the continuation of one with the best simulators created by the motive of Counter-Strike. After all, all you need here is to buy hundreds of keys and open dozens of cases, with a variety of things that definitely could be useful in real battles against other players. All this good you can save, trade them and continue to multiply.

Increase your combat rank to unprecedented heights, because in "Case Clicker 2" will be available more than 600 covers and more than 200 stickers, which will be added in future updates. You just need to click on your display a lot, until your finger becomes very sick and you do not achieve the desired rank. Achieve all that you could only dream about in CS, but could not get it.

Features of mod:

- Received a lot of money, capsules, cases, weapons of all kinds (StatTrak and souvenir weapons in the state Straight from the factory);

- Maximum wounds (global elite and Global General)

- Unlocked Jackpot and Nethub;

- All the improvements.