Game Best Fiends Mod (lots of energy and money)

Best Fiends is a three-in-a-row android puzzle game in which you will meet opponents slugs so they can not capture Miniature. And all this began from the moment when a giant meteorite fell on Grom-Gore, which brought harmony and order of these vile creatures to the world. Now, to acquire a whole crowd of new friends-insects, you can fight this evil enemy and destroy the same objects on numerous levels.


During the game in "Best Fiends" you can pump the strength of each of the insects, each of which has its own special abilities that can be improved. For example, Tempet can install bombs, with the help of which it is possible to clean entire lines, Quincy is able to turn all the next blocks into one color. Find new keys with which you will get access to new insects and stronger mites. Competently think through each of them, because they are limited and this will determine your progress.

Features of mod:

- Hacking on energy and money.

- There is no advertising in the game.

- Passage of the first level will open all other levels.


Download for free:

Mod (lots of energy and money) v5.2.2