Game android Top Speed: Drag and Fast Racing Mod

Top Speed: Drag & Fast Racing is a unique android game that will give you the opportunity to participate in mega cool races in the style of drag! You will fly at great speeds and at the same time watch your engine, in time switching gears, so that he did bring you to the cherished victory on the track. As in any racing games, at the very beginning you will have the opportunity to choose the car that you like most to drive it during the drag race and in the future properly pump it and tune it. The range of choice of cars is really great, this game provides about 70 brands of cars, so it will be something to choose from - running ahead, it should be noted that with a huge desire, you can even choose for your races a police car to instil fear of rivals with one of its kind,

In the game "Top Speed: Drag and Fast Racing" you expect not only cool cars, speed, but also bosses, which in the game are not more than twenty - they will complicate the game process a little, but is not it great to become the winner of the route with such a huge number of obstacles ?! You have even to catch criminals, because the power of your car is okay to catch up with almost any asshole, even if he's in the past a racer! The game is hacked into endless money, so the financial side in the case of tuning or pumping cars does not bother you at all. Good game!