Game Android Shadow Blade Mod

Shadow Blade is a very addictive arcade game for android. Here you have to manage a real ninja named Kuro. In the game, you will overcome a difficult path, considering many stages at a time for which you need to achieve your goal. On the way to you there are various dangers like: sharp spikes, and many bandits who want to end you. All this can be overcome with the help of double jumps and run along the walls.
At the beginning of the game Shadow Blade you will get acquainted with the basic techniques of the ninja, which will have to go through a difficult path on which you will all enemies "shred" into pieces of your sharp katana. You have a lot of jumping, running, jumping on the walls of houses, using different techniques. In the game, you can note a simple control that will give you an easy way to understand the arcade. The graphic image will remind you of the good old 2D graphics with beautiful detailing of the textures. This toy will allow any player to turn into a real ninja, and show their martial skills.