Game Android Planet Commander Mod

Planet Commander - will allow you to acquire your own spacecraft, on which you can study the endless space expanses and other planets in real time. In order to become a full-fledged commander of a spacecraft, it is enough for you to pass a small training in which you will be told the main points of control, shooting and protection during the space battles with real players. Then you can sit down for your first ship and take an epic team battle.

For space combat, you can take a maximum of 5 ships, on which you must show what they are capable of.When all of them are destroyed by enemies, you automatically leave the battle. And for the time that you were in the fight, you need to give your best to destroy as many enemies as possible. For earned credits you can upgrade your ironware, install new types of weapons, improve armor and other gadgets. And thanks to a good graphical study of each part you can enjoy the action "Planet Commander" even at the minimum settings.

Features of Mod:

- Many loans have been received.