Game Android My Dolphin Show mod

My Dolphin Show is a fun and funny simulator on the android of the real dolphinarium, in which you will train dolphins to various tricks and attract new visitors to it. At your disposal there will be many pets that can be trained and taken care of. All the actions of the game will unfold in several locations, such as: Las Vegas, a huge liner, Hawaii and an amusement park. On each of which you need to perform exciting tasks in the form of tricks among which there will be plenty with the use of balls, rings and other objects.

Become the best animal trainer in "My Dolphin Show", which all dolphins will respect and obey. On all you will have more than 100 levels on which you can prove yourself and earn 3 gold stars for each. Earn gold coins for tricks and buy for them beautiful outfits for your pets and open new levels. A successful game with the dolphins.