Game android -League of War Mercenaries (infinite units) -Mod


 League of War Mercenaries is a great simulator, in which you will feel like a great general, and you will be responsible for the task of creating a military base. At your disposal will be a huge number of diverse fighters, as well as many modern military equipment. You have to effectively dispose of your army, so as not to allow a blunder, and not to compromise your secret base. Also, for a good supply of troops, you need to gradually explore new technologies that will give you super-powerful weapons, as well as provide the infantry with excellent equipment.

Awaken the strategic skills, and start developing your tactics, which will allow you to stay one step ahead of your opponents. In the "League of War Mercenaries" there is an impressive 3D graphics, which pleased many gamers around the world. In this game you will see a variety of battle tanks, helicopters, cars, huge military installations, as well as military engineering barriers that are designed to counter the enemy's offensive. Create alliances so that you can rebuff unwanted, and bloodthirsty occupants.

Features of hacking:

- Open the free creation of troops.