Game android King's Raid (God's mode) Mod

King's Raid is a chic mix of a card game and a typical RPG in real time, where you will have spectacular battles against other players. The most important and perhaps the main part of the game will be the selection of heroes before each battle, because this will depend on your victory. Collect in your team the best healers, tanks and magicians. And then the battle starts automatically, you only need to use the accumulated energy on a super combo in time.

All of the above is complemented by a bright and well-traced anime graphics with cool effects during the battle and dialogues. King's Raid is a good role-playing game with a full story, a huge number of dialogues (unfortunately, there is no Russian language) and unmatched high-end background music.

Features of Mod:

- The god mode is activated (full invulnerability);

- Enemies do very little damage.