game android Hill Climb Racing -mod

Hill Climb Racing - unpretentious racing with realistic graphics, which somehow resemble the famous game Gravity Defied. You are expected to race for long distances with many obstacles and bonuses on the way. After accumulating a certain number of coins, you can improve and buy new parts to your car. The game just will stay for a long time on your phone, because there really is a huge choice of transport and a lot of maps.

In mini-races you will manage small cars, which will drive a fairly large mileage. From how far you can get to, depends on the size of the tank for gasoline and the number of cans collected with gasoline. In Hill Climb Racing it's easy to operate just two pedals, but do not over-gas it, you can turn over very easily, and you'll have to start over. Become a conqueror of the highest hills and deep yars, passing Hill Climb Racing.

Feature :

- Bump your car (engine, four-wheel drive, suspension); 

- Fourteen different levels (from rural off-road to the moon);

- It looks good on tablets with HD resolution;

- High detail of the physics of the car;

- The real sound of a turbocharged engine.

Dispatcher:  Fingersoft

Android version: 2.2 and higher

Language: English



Download for free:  

Mod (lots of money + no ads + unlimited petrol) v1.45.0