Game Android - Gangstar New Orleans Mod

Gangstar New Orleans - the continuation of the most gangster game on android, has become even bigger and more beautiful. The world of New Orleans became simply huge and full of life, a huge choice of cars and trunks.Here you can build your own kingdom of bandits and criminal authorities.Prostitution, drug trafficking and daily disassembly between gangster groups with deaths thrive in this city. The shooting and killing are the most common thing for New Orleans.

Gangstar New Orleans OpenWorld apk screenshot


Become the most influential person of this criminal town New Orleans - this will be the main goal of the game, but you need to do a lot of work for this. Capture new territories and hold them for as long as you can. This will bring you a good extra income. Make your character unique and unique heroes of the game, buy for him an elite gun and steep cars. It's also your time to arrange a real criminal fun in the best analogue of the GTA.

Features of the game:

While the game is only available in the Philippines and in order to play it you need to change the IP on your device to Filipino. To do this, you can use a program called ExpressVPN. You can download it later in this article.