game android-Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare (a lot of money)- Mod 2018



Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare is an excellent android strategy, with elements of shooting that will not give you the slightest chance to get bored in solitude, in a quiet and beautiful evening. The plot of the game develops quite unpredictably, the bus you were driving on, fell apart because it got into the cordons of the vile and disgusting corpses who only do that they wait for your juicy and flawless flesh for lunch.

Do not allow horrible zombies to seize the bus, and prevent you from exploring all the contaminated areas of the city. Pump up your unique team of fighters so that you can stop the wave of invasion of the dead in time, which plans to gradually grab the whole earth. In "Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare" you can see a good and very comfortable gameplay, as well as bright and colorful graphics that will accompany you throughout the game.

Features of fashion:

- When you buy increases the currency.