Game Android Crime Revolt mod(a lot of money)

Crime Revolt is a great online shooter for android for those who can not forget the former glory of the already legendary Counter Strike . Battling with real players, you can easily reclaim your combat skills in extreme conditions, meanwhile earning yourself a new outfit (helmets, bulletproof vests and other clothes). A variety of new weapons will only please the eyes of fans of serious guns. Conduct the most brutal shooting at different locations, create your own strategy of battle and leave the winner with any scrapes.

In addition to the standard game modes (Team Detroit, Capture Flag, Snipers Mode and a few more) in Crime Revolt, you can test your strength in zombie fashion and check how much you have the strength to fight these eternally hungry creatures. Create your universal soldier and begin to crack down cruelly with enemies from around the world. Play fun and earn new ranks for the performance of tasks.

Features of hacking:

- Built-in anti-bats;

- Increased Fire Rate.