Game Android - Coalition - Multiplayer FPS (infinite cartridges) Mod

Coalition - Multiplayer FPS - realistic online shooter with cool PC graphics and a large set of weapons. You have to choose the game server and the side for which you will start the game and of course the class of the fighter. Each of the fighters has unique combat features and own weapons (this can be a ground attack, demolition, engineer or support). Enter the game and start your dynamic battle.

The game will complement three interesting battle modes, among which capture the flag, battle to death or the entrance for all. All this complements realistic movements of fighters, cool special effects and good optimization.Little can spoil the overall impression of the game "Coalition" is not quite a convenient management, which you can get used to. Start now your course of the young fighter.


Features of mod:

- Infinite ammunition;

- Small cash;

- Maximum weapon damage;

- The God Mode is activated;

- Maximum pulse force;

- No recharge;

- Without bestowal;

- Max Stats.