Game Android - Boom beach Mod

Boom Beach will send you to the tropical islands somewhere amid an open ocean where there is plenty of sand, palm trees and the sun is shining all the time. Unfortunately, here you will not rest on the beach and swim in the water, but engage in the construction of a military base and the liberation of the captured islands by the "Sentinels of Darkness" straight on their android devices. To begin, deploy a small base on one of the islands and start the fight for the territory. In the strategy you will be able to build many buildings that will help you develop your small army and supply it with everything you need. Recapture the neighboring islands and release the local Aborigines, who will give you gold in gratitude and fight with millions of other players getting a good profit for it.



All construction of buildings and additional facilities in Boom Beach is divided into three parts: Economy, Protection and Support. Each of them gives you certain advantages for developing a base and increasing the firepower of soldiers. Do not forget about the fact that we can be attacked at any moment, and for this we need to strengthen our base well in order to leave everything acquired by hard work. Equip your army and send to unforgettable battles in which you will literally control each unit and support the attack from the ships. And with our mods you already at the beginning of the game will receive endless coins and crystals.


Features of mod:

- Unlimited resources;

- Unlimited Gold (infinite gold);

- Unlimited Gems (infinite gems);

- Maximum Level.