DC Legends is an incredible android game Mod

DC Legends is an incredible android game in which developers have managed to collect all the superheroes and villains from the DC universe. And your main task as you could already guess is the salvation of the world from the terrible and merciless Nekrona. For this battle you have to play for the practical of all the characters and to pump and improve in them the best skills to make your favorite heroes even stronger. Choose for yourself the three most favorite characters, and lead them to victory, fighting in short rounds, where the team will win, in which at least one character will survive.


Thanks to the game "DC Legends" you can easily combine in one team such characters as: Green Arrow, Harley Quinn, Dedshhot, Superman, Bamten, Wonder Woman and many more. Use their best skills and super combos to defeat each new battle. Develop your unique battle system, with which you will always be one step ahead of the opponents.



Features of mod:

- The god mode is activated;

- Increased attack.