Android Game Zombie Farm Mod 2018

Your attention is presented to the game "Zombie Farm" - one of their first games about where zombies are more or less kind characters. On this farm, you will not need to kill them and in no case to multiply, but just try to live in their rhythm, but with one but ... The history of the game says that a man who once became a zombie falls in love with a human girl , but their union is doomed, because the young man is unlikely to turn from a zombie back into a normal individual. Your task is to help him with his despair, because there is a way out of the situation - a special medicine "zombium" will let the zombie fall back into the human series, but it's so easy to lose and so hard to find, but even harder - to cook it, that you and will have to do in this game, you can read more about this under the picture.

And so, friends, you will not only have to reunite the hearts of lovers, but to grow zombies on a farm of different plants and fruits, flowers and trees - all this will help to prepare the same zombie, because it's so easy to find in the game. In the game "Zombie Farm" you have to even build buildings, develop the island - all these good deeds will also help the lover to become a man and confess his love to that beautiful girl he once saw. Once you manage to make a zombie, rush to your love right away and tell her everything: who you were, what you saw, how you brought up your zombie helpers, how fun you had on the farm, how you all arranged the island together, how you built different houses and most importantly - how long you dreamed of becoming a man, to admit to her in love. Farm zombies - this is a fairy tale that can help,

Features of hacking:

Hacked into a large number of zombibaks.