android game Vector 2018 mod



Vector - a game on android completely dedicated to parkour. Run along the roofs of houses and perform beautiful tricks right on the move with the movement of one finger. Defeat the totalitarian regime and escape from the four walls of the monotonous world. Prove that you are not just a shadow, but a person who is capable of much. Feel the freedom at a tremendous height in the air.

In the game, you have to run a lot on the roofs of the hamarches and perform a large number of acrobatic stunts on the go. But be vigilant and do not forget that you will be haunted by the specter of this huge and not victorious corporation, not giving rest even for a minute. A feature of the game will be to collect three stars per level, not allowing the slightest mistake of doing long jumps and the real parcur. The vector will seem very boring at first, but after playing ten minutes you will see that this is a unique game, built on paddling movements and you can sit in it for a couple of hours.

Feature :

- Forty long and exciting races;

- Nearly a hundred pieces of acrobatic techniques made through Cascadeur;

- Very easy to master (one-finger control);

- Integration with VC Facebook;

- Considered to be a huge world.

Dispatcher:  Nekki

Android version: 2.1 and above

Language: English, Russian



Download for free: 

Full version  v1.2.0.1 



Mod (full version + hacking for money)  v1.2.0.1