android game Torque Burnout -mod

Torque Burnout is a simulator of what many people like most in racing cars, namely - burn rubber. To do this, you send to specially prepared sites, where you can show how well you are able to perform drift. Get behind the wheel of the best maslkars and turn the speed to the maximum, so as quickly and accurately enter the turn, for which you can get a huge amount of points and money.

"Torque Burnout" has everything to become the best game among drift-simulators. This is a cool graphics, realistic physics, a large selection of cars with different characteristics and the ability to properly carry out tuning over each of them. And thick balls of smoke, pieces of torn rubber and engine that produce a flame, will only betray the overall picture of realism. Become a king of drift, sharpening your skills to the maximum!


Features of hacking:

- Hacked into a lot of money.