Android game Shadow Fight 2 Mod

Shadow Fight 2 - a hit that was able to pirate on the android device. It's not just a 2D fighting game, it's a game in which everyone has to overcome the shadow that creatures from the parallel world came into. You have to fight with many fighters, while using your hands, feet and a lot of deadly weapons. After defeating all the bosses, you can return the samurai his soul and restore peace on Earth.

The game "Shadow Combat 2" will give you a large number of strong rivals and weapons, including nunchakas, asterisks, katanu, brass knuckles and much more. The fight will take place for a period of two rounds, if the round is finished with a draw, then there will be an additional third round. In the game menu there is a special room in which you can practice various techniques and a series of combos. 


Management in Shadow Fight 2 is simple enough and easy to learn. On the left is a special circle, which allows you to move in different directions, and on the right you can see only two keys: kick and hand. All. What is required of you is to make money on them in time.

The hacked version of Shadow Fight 2, will give you a large set of free crystals and coins, for which you will be able to acquire new weapons and stronger armor (to work the fashion you need to remove the old version of the game). And as an opportunity to increase the level of the fighter.