android game - Real Boxing - mod



Real Boxing is by far the best boxing simulator in the ring. All fights are performed in the best form and take place on the famous world rigs. You also need to engage in the promotion of a young fighter whose appearance you will create yourself. Fight with a huge number of fighters, each of whom owns his tactics of combat and that would defeat him, you need to learn to outstrip his punches. To defeat your enemies in sparring, you need to train all the time and learn new tricks and grips. Also, training increases the strength, speed and maneuverability of the athlete. Without diligent training, you can never take a worthy place in the hall of fame of world boxing. Use complex combat tactics, including defense, bias and counterattack. Ask the heat of the "old" professional boxing!

In Real Boxing, 2 game modes are available - this is a quick fight and a career. In the first you just choose any bof and go into battle, but in your career you will train the greenest fighter, in order to make him a true champion. You can also enter the multiplayer, which is equal to the real boxing fans from around the world. Successful fights and win only by knockouts!