android game Race Team Manager mod apk

Before you is mega cool game "Race Team Manager", in which you will be met with a whole racing team. Your task is to lead it and make of its participants real professional riders! Since in your submission young and ambitious teenage racers, then you will have to work hard! Your task as a sports director is to lead the guys to the highest league of competitions and that at the final finish they are the first! You have a lot of things to do, but the impressions of this game will be exactly the same. Forward!

In the game "Race Team Manager" you will watch the races that have created themselves and will inspire hope in those who have been taught all their skills! During the car, you will improve and pump racing cars from your garage so that during the competitions they shine and squeal from the power that will be allocated to their engine - all this as you know you need a lot of money, but as a sports director you are lucky! This game is hacked into endless money, therefore financial problems will not embarrass you. Money is there, the mind is there, and so success in this business awaits you and the team of winners at your hands!


Hacking (endless money) v2.1.5


Cache (/ sdcard / Android / obb /)