android game Puppet Soccer Champions (lots of money) mod



Puppet Soccer Champions is a great football arcade game in which you can play one-on-one, your favorite football player. The peculiarity of this game is that you need to play both a goalkeeper and a goalkeeper, preventing the opponent from scoring a goal. In this arcade you can choose any football team of your choice, as there are more than thirty of them.

In "Puppet Soccer Champions" there is a mode in which you can compete with your friend on one smartphone, dividing the screen for two players. In this fascinating game, about ninety players are open, with different abilities and even superpowers. For example, some players can cover the football field with ice or slime, in order to prevent the opponent from scoring a goal. Earn coins and improve your players, and also get bonuses for which you can buy new funny characters that will raise the mood for you and your friends.

Features of hacking:

- Open a lot of money