Android Game - Punch Boxing 3D - Mod

Punch Boxing 3D - this is the true king of boxing on android, because in this simulator has everything to be considered a good box. Here you can go all the long ways of the boxer, starting from a little-known bouncer and finish professional fighter. First of all, create a unique fighter by choosing his name, nationality, color of the cat, hair and face. After that, you can practice it a little in the simulator, we will increase its speed, impact strength and learn a couple of new strokes. After that, go to the ring for great victories, after which you can always go back to the gym and prepare a fighter for the next match.



Punch Boxing 3D is a simulator in which you can use all the permitted tricks and their combinations in order to win a 100 percent victory. Earn money and spend it on your fighter, buy new shorts, gloves, captcha, stuff tattoos and stuff. Much of these things will enhance the characteristics of the fighter. It's not strange that the game is saturated with Donat and internal advertising, which we took care of and removed in our fashion. Good matches and great victories in the biggest rings of the world!