Android game Mod Dead Target: Zombie

Dead Target: Zombie - will begin with a very old and familiar plot. The world is again engulfed by the war in 2040 and the scientists who tried to create the super soldier received a whole army of zombies, which got out and now rushes through a multimillion-dollar city. There remains only hope for the unpopular man that you will become. You almost alone need to save the surviving people and destroy not one hundred walking dead.

Dead Target: Zombie is a beautiful 3D shooting gallery in which you can tear yourself to the full, having in the arsenal of many modern weapons you can deal with a whole crowd of zombies in a couple of minutes. And for a change, you will have an accessible whole huge map of the city, on which you can perform a number of tasks in turn. In total there will be approximately 1000 of them in the game.