android game Minecraft - Pocket Edition Full mod 2018



It is finished,  Maynkraft ported and you got Minecraft - Pocket Edition Full on android ! Feel like an artist in the world where you can create everything you want with a hammer. But do not forget that with the arrival of the night climb vile zombies that can kill you!

In the game there are two game modes (architect and survival), below we will describe in which mode, how to play:

1. In the "architect mode" you can fully open your hidden potential "god." This means that you will not have any limitations, the whole world is a construction site in which you build and break what the soul desires. All the blocks in this interesting mode will be unlimited, and the inventory will be more than enough. Do and admire what you did.

2. In the "survival mode" will all not so simple. The inventory will be limited, and it will be difficult to survive in this mode. As soon as the sun goes down the whole world Minecraft will fill with monsters that want to kill you.So the first thing you need to think about is how to build up how it's sheltered at night. And in the future to build a big house. Do not forget about the fact that you need to look for food and weapons, so that you can at least somehow defend yourself.

What do you need to know while playing Minecraft - Pocket Edition the first day and how to survive here?

After you build a house you need to learn the three main tasks that you need to do here, namely: hunting, extracting various resources and crafting (creating new resources).

Workbench - universal machine, on which you can create almost all the items. The workbench can be obtained from the trees recycled to the boards. (this is the best thing to put in your house)


Hunting - you need to get food, with which you can replenish your health. The percentage of health you will lose when you fight monsters at night or when you fall from a high altitude. You can hunt on various animals that run not far from you. Animals are very easy to kill with a pickaxe - making a couple of strokes. The resulting meat can be eaten raw or cooked in an oven, after that you get a steak and already eat it. In the future, it will not be necessary to hunt, because you can plant a vegetable garden and harvest.

To get various resources - it does not take much work, but it's very necessary to do it. All the new resources that you will find can be processed into a workbench. First you need to get a stone that lies not deep in the ground. And only later on to make a lot of guns made of stone, for example: a stone pickaxe, a shovel, an ax.

Kraft in the mobile version is very similar to the PC, but slightly simplified. In the inventory, you can easily open the "Craft" tab and see the items that can be obtained from certain resources. Crafting in the oven, too, will not create much difficulty, you need to take two items and get a certain thing. For example: cooking.

This article tells only some of the elements that you need to embroider in the MAINKraft PE on the android. Everything else you will learn by playing this exciting game that has won millions of fans.

Questions that are often asked about the game:

How to make a table (for krafting)? - Collect 4 boards and build it.

A simple way to destroy and build any object? - Short click - build, long click - destroy.

How to harvest a crop of bread? "Just plant the seeds of wheat."

How to undermine dynamite everywhere? - First take the lighter and select the dynamite.

How to get milk from a cow? - Select the bucket and click on the cow.

How to mine obsidian? - Lava and water mix together and choose a diamond pick.

How can I make a review in flight mode (creative)? - Quickly press the jump button twice.

 Features of fashion:

- Unlocked premium texture and skins;

- Increased the maximum size for storing supplies;

- No more damage (god mode activated);

- Unlimited breathing under water;

- Killing any enemy with one hit;

- The tools are not damaged.