android game Metal Slug (hacked into the glasses) mod 2018



Metal Slug - a wonderful old school shooter, in which you need to release the hostages that were kidnapped soldiers of different countries. You are waiting for six different and interesting levels, in amazing locations. This is a huge canyon, a dark and terrible forest, as well as occupied cities and military bases. In your arsenal will be a lot of weapons, among which will be such as a laser cannon, Molotov cocktail, machine gun, and even grenades.

Metal Slug will open for you different military equipment. For example, it could be an unusual two-legged tank, a fighter equipped with a powerful cannon, with a huge radius of destruction. To reach the boss and free people, you need to go through a hard way, where there will be shelling, explosions, robots, airplanes, tanks, and even enemy infantry. Go through this hellish way, in order to kill a powerful boss and release the hostages that families are waiting for at home.

Features of hacking:

- Open a lot of money and bonuses.