Android Game MARVEL Future Fight 2018

MARVEL Future Fight - the next generation built on the motives of a huge universe MARVEL, which collected a huge number of super heroes. All of them are ready to unite in one in order to fight the impending evil. To do this, you need to create your own small squad of Avengers and go to battle against super villains. For good battles, you will receive valuable rewards, new items, costumes and exclusive content.


In addition to passing the company itself in Future Fight, you can join team fights in 3-for-3 mode and check what your fighters are capable of against real players. For each fight you will receive additional experience points and cash reward. You will certainly like to fight in endless battles and team battles thanks to convenient touch control and ease of execution of various combos. Become a part of the great battle and save humanity before it's too late!

Features of hacking:

- Increased your attack and defense by 5 times;

- There is no recharge of combat skills.