android game -Last Day on Earth: Survival 1.7.1 (infinite energy) -Mod

Last Day on Earth: Survival is a post-apocalyptic game in which you need not just to survive, but also to build, craft, pass special tasks and simply enjoy the vast open world. Do not think that you will be alone in this large virtual world, because this world will still be inhabited constantly by hungry zombies, which must be constantly destroyed, and if this is not done they can easily grow into a horde on the forehead with Genghis Khan. And considering that, this zombie-survival built on the multiplayer, then you will be surrounded by hundreds of other players who at any cost will try to survive in this hell.


In this game you need to constantly make important decisions, on which will depend almost the entire outcome of each mine spent in the game "Last Day on Earth". Competently use the resources found or stolen, craft only the most needed items, with which you can increase the chances of survival, and do not forget about allies from whom you need to keep your ears open. Continually discover new locations for additional supplies, be it deserted military camps or bases. Check yourself how much courage and strength you have to survive in a world where it is practically impossible.

Helpful information:

Where can I find the code from the bunker?

The code from the bunker, can be found only on " Radio " and in the " Red Zone ".

How to keep progress in the game?

- You can use any file manager for example "ES Explorer";

- Then go to the path "Android / data / zombie.survival.craft.z" and completely copy the folder with all the files;

- You can copy it to any convenient folder;

- Then in case of reinstallation you will be able to back copy your save in with the replacement of "Android / data ...";

How can I restore the lost old storage if it was bound to a Google playlist?

- You need to go to the site of those. support: and log in with any social network;

- There you choose the game "Last Day on Earth: Survival" and select "Error in the game";

- There write a new appeal for the example "Good day, I had an error in the game, I wanted to return my savings ...";

- During open correspondence, which will last no more than one day, you will fully restore your account and you will be able to continue the game.

Features of hacking:


- Instantaneous movement on the global map;

- Received infinite energy;

- Maximum longevity of objects. 

Mega Mod 

1. Duplicate items ( Duplicates )

2. The crafting and building without resources ( Creation and construction without resources )

3. Points increase ( Increase Points )

4. Coins increase (many coins)

5. Max Durability (Maximum Durability of Items)

6. Infinite fuel for chopper (Infinite fuel for chopper)

7. Rapid recovery health and thirst (Rapid recovery of health and thirst)