android game Kingdom Rush mod



Kingdom Rush  - can even be called one of the best strategic games for portable devices, which after a long time still moved to android . It is difficult to be confused with another game in the style of Tower Defense , because it has its own atmosphere and fascinating plot. In the campaign, you will build many towers from fighting against evil orcs, giants, goblins and other fantastic creatures. In the end, to defeat the fearless lord of demons.

In the game,  there are many maps with different paths on which hostile creatures will move. To stop them, you must build small turrets on the forks and intersections. Any tower can be significantly improved and pumped. There will be many different towers available with their combat characteristics and the ability to install a crossbow or rifle installation. Each building can produce different types of troops: barbarians, knights, magicians or summoners. Separate themes in Kingdom Rushthere will be a hero who needs to be selected at the beginning of the game according to the characteristics (the skill of conducting near or distant combat) and unique capabilities. The hero can serve you as the last defensive point, if the enemies broke all the towers and comfort of the soldiers. The first levels will be simple and quickly passable, but every next level will be more difficult and interesting.

Kingdom Rush turned out to be interesting and diverse with some zest. The fighting in the game will take place both in the mountains, and forests and wastelands using different types of troops, ranging from simple farmers with pitchforks, and ending with professional knights in armor. You can even say that this is one with a few portable toys, where there are no minuses!


- Eight unique towers;

- Approximately twenty combat capabilities of any tower;

- Thirty unique enemies with their capabilities;

- The game that will take you on the passage not one day;

- An internal encyclopedia describing all enemies, heroes and towers;

- Get all 50 unique achievements.