android game Jelly Defense Mod



Jelly Defense  - a game where you have to save the planet Diploglob with the help of warriors with jelly from the invasion of alien enemies. The main task is not to let the enemy get to the castle and the blue crystals. 

This is another game from the series of Tower Defensein which it will be necessary to observe the movement and habits of the enemy, and then - to build defensive towers and skilfully block off the path and destroy it. Opponents will be of different colors and it's not just that - your warriors of just the same color will be able to resist the enemy and defeat him. Also, units attacking you will stand out for their speed, health and, of course, damage. In addition to the warriors, the invaders will be able to fight with the help of ten kinds of towers: three blue, three red, three tactical and one red-blue, that is unique. Towers can be improved for collected coins, you can build new ones at the site of the breakthrough of defense, before destroying the unnecessary tower and getting 80% of the coins from its cost. You will need to think carefully: either improve the already built fortifications or put many simple towers. 

First, the strategy may seem quite simple, but with each level of the opponents will be stronger, faster and even more damage to your fortifications.

It is also a mini-game where you have to gather many coins. With their help, you can build and upgrade towers to prevent looting your opponent crystals.


- protruding commander soldiers jelly

- Save the planet from aliens, cartoon,

- improve and build the tower,

- Enjoy the soundtrack and graphics,

- pass a number of interesting and exciting levels of play.