Android game - Helicopter attack 3D (a lot of money) - Mod

Helicopter attack 3D is one with a few simulators of battle on real combat helicopters, which can be gradually improved as the game progresses. Deal with enemies in the air, so do not land and water. Masterfully dodge enemy attacks and go in from the rear to deliver the best surprise attacks. Become a real ace and break the whole army of opponents on the best turntables.

Each well-played mission will carry with you access to new helicopters and unique details to them that you can use for your own purposes. And thanks to the simple rule in the game "Gunship Strike 3D" you can experiment with such types of attacks as shooting in a circle and shooting during rotation. A little pumping your air transport you can try your hand against charged bosses.

Features of hacking:

- Unlocked a large number of coins and stones;

- Infinite energy;