android game - Final Kick - Mod



We want to recommend a realistic football simulator Final Kick, in which you do not need to run around the field for long, but it's enough to make one exact hit and win a football match. Before you, a penalty shootout simulator, in which you can play as a football player who will report all efforts for an accurate goal, or feel in the skin of the goalkeeper and calculate the speed and direction of the ball that would not allow his team to lose.

To your disposal in the game "Final Kick" there are many football teams, 20 offline tournaments and a full-fledged multiplayer, in which you can score goals in real time. And in order to diversify the game developers have added a store in which you can buy new players alongside sports equipment. Win matches and earn experience for which you can improve the players of your team, adding to them the power of impact and stamina. All the beautifully forgotten penalties and scored goals you can view in repetitions and even share with friends in facebook.