android game Disassembly 3D (unlocked items) -mod



Disassembly 3D is a very fun game with an idea, in which you will be in the role of not very track mechanic, I would even say a master-wit. You will find a lot of vehicles, such as: cars, sports cars, airplanes, liners, and even trams, which can be disassembled into small pieces, and even explode.

In "Disassemble 3D" you will see amazing graphics, with stereoscopic 3D mode. Also in the game there is an amazing realistic physics, thanks to which the explosions will look like in real life. This great simulator will lift any mood to any player, and also give an opportunity to enjoy epic and bright explosions.

Features of fashion:

-Paid tools for disassembly are added.

-The ad is disconnected.

-A lot of bombs were broken up.