android game - Crab War (a lot of money) - Mod



Crab War - create your invincible army of small crabs, to destroy the most huge and unapproachable monsters. In this funny click on the android, you will gradually pump out your crabs to quickly destroy enemies. Money for improvement you get after it is lightning speed with all the bosses that are waiting for you throughout the level. Just do not forget to appoint a queen that will lead your pack, and will control your huge army.

In the "War of the Crabs" "there is a very pleasant schedule, as well as an easy, and very convenient management. All the actions in the game occur with the help of tapes, and this can not please people who are honest to say too lazy to do unnecessary movements in the management of the character. Open up new opportunities for your little crab friends, improve their special skills so that they will gain the great power that they need for battles. Earn bonuses and money for the withdrawal of a new species of mutant crabs, or open more than eighty other crustacean fighters.

Features of fashion:

- Unlocked a lot of money.