Android Game Clash Royale Mod 2018

Clash Royale - not a bad card game for android created based on the popular epic strategy " Clash of Clans ". The whole point of this battle is the destruction of enemy towers before the enemy, will do the same with your buildings. You will fight with real players who, like you, will defend their three towers in every way possible. And after a successful battle you will receive a chest in which there will be improvements and cards with new characters. Open them gather the strongest army of soldiers capable of defeating the defense of any enemy.

Unfortunately, the entire gameplay "Clash Royale" is limited to not large locations, which, moreover, will be complete, but it does not prevent to make the game the best in its style. You are waiting for dozens of different types of troops, spells, defensive towers and epic chests. Create your own clans and share your cards with other players. Smash the protection of other kings in the dust, because in this you will help our mod for endless money, in which you will learn unlimited access to coins and crystals. Fight for top spot in the leaderboard!

How do I sync my Clash Royale account on different devices?

1. Uninstall Google Play Games from your device;

2.  Download and install here Google Play Games (direct link);

3. Do not update this application for at least 24 hours (during this time the account will switch to the new GameID system);

  • 4. Then update Google Play Games and sync your account;

What should I do if Clash Royale does not work?

If you can not connect to the server FHX for Clash Royale, then it can be overloaded, and you need to wait a bit to connect to the game. Entering the game, you will see a lot of crystals and gold, which you can spend on improving and opening new chests. 

Features of fashion:

- Many coins are available;

- Many crystals and elixir;

- All new maps are open;

- You can play not only on Android, but also on Bluestacks;

- Opportunity to join clans;

- All resources are endless;

- All is pumped.