android game Clash of Clans Mod 2018



Clash of Clans - a very successful strategy from Supercell , which was ported from iPhone to Android. In the strategy there are few elements of the RPG and it is online. The game will tell about the confrontation of two clans, namely people and evil goblins. To develop and upset the colony you will be the people.

In  Clash of Clans there are two main modes, namely the construction and improvement of their village. The second is the very attack on the goblins when you get a decent army. The plot needs to start with the training, in which you will be shown with arrows the building to build, and which units to use. If after the training you did not understand what and how to do because of the English language, then first of all you must build a gold mine - to extract gold coins for many purchases. The second important point is a permanent army, which is needed to fight dangerous goblins and other online players. In the game, with time, new buildings and combat units will open. With real players before reaching the eighth level and the cause of the army may not be trying to fight, it will only be a waste of your time. Here you can chat and chat players and create powerful clans for intense fighting. The strategy will be the main currency for purchases of gold coins and a purple elixir. 

The game  has everything you need for a good strategy for portable gadgets: beautiful hand-drawn graphics, quality animation and a pleasant atmosphere. A feature of the game is the placement of units on the battlefield and numerous guns, on which the fight will depend. The overall picture is a bit spoiled by donat, but as without it, the developer must also be rewarded for good work!


- Easy and intuitive operation;

- More than a million player who constantly play;

- Fight with players on other platforms (Android and iOS);

- Cartoon graphics and cool animation.

Tips for beginners:

1. At the beginning of the game, do not waste green crystals for construction, it is better to store them on another "builder's house" with it, things will go faster;

2. Do not rush to enter multiplayer battles against other players at least to 8 Lvl, otherwise most of all you will fail. This time you can go on trips to goblins;

3. Insolent robbers can get revenge, for this go to the history of the battles (lower left) and after reconnaissance of the enemy base you can take revenge on the thief, returning all the loot and even more;

4. Up to 30 Lvl it is worth choosing who you will attack in online battles. The first thing to do is attack weak enemies, because more than 90% you will win, and attacking a steep opponent - you will lose;

5. Join the clans in order to get support from a strong army. In many clans it is customary to thank each other for help;

6. Do not get involved in gaming donat, because all that you will buy for real money, you can achieve and their efforts;

7. In the game you can find many clans, because everyone can create a clan. That's only good and intelligent players are very few. If you joined the clan and see that no one wants to share the army, but only "hang" some requests for Donate - run away quickly.

Dispatcher:  Supercell

Android version: 2.2 and higher

Language: English, Russian



Download for free:

Full version v9.434.14



WARNING !!! Does not work on all devices!

Mod for a private server FHx v9.434.3



Mod for private server 2 v9.256.20



Mod for private server 3 v9.256.20



Mod for a private server 4 v9.256.20



Mod for a private server 5 v8.709.24