android game Captains: Legends of the Oceans

"Captains: Legends of the Oceans" - a new saga of hot sea battles. Magnificent mobile strategy from the experts of the genre, the company Borrete, will transfer players to the wonderful world of marine adventures. This time the emphasis in the story was not made on a fictional world, but on the very real events that took place at the turn of the 15th century - the time of great geographical discoveries, when the conquest of the ocean was considered the top of human heroism.

The user will have to take over the command of a small city, to subsequently lead him to the top of world domination. Gradual development of internal infrastructure will contribute to the emergence of new opportunities, as well as the growth of the country's combat potential. Improving important buildings, including shipyards, docks, academies and palaces, the private navy will gain more and more power. However, one should be very cautious: the resources necessary for the modernization of the city are very limited.

Economics and resources

To avoid the situation of bankruptcy, you need to carefully monitor the status of its own resource base. Fortunately, there are quite a lot of ways to replenish the treasury. Build industrial buildings, participate in punitive expeditions to destroy annoying pirates and thugs, arrange epic battles for resources with other players, send trade caravans along the world famous sea routes in the hope of obtaining the treasured silver or enter into a profitable agreement with the guild members - use any opportunity to maintain consistently high level of assurance!

The accumulation of military power

The fighting potential of the city depends not only on the number of resources and built ships. In themselves, excellent vessels mean very little, unless they are under the control of a masterful and intelligent captain. Having visited the guild of seafarers, the user can recruit any of the navigators who appeared there - these can be both little-known personalities and seafaring legends like the discoverer of Christopher Columbus or Fernand Magellan who made the world trip. In total, the game provides for more than 50 characters, each of which gives the fleet invaluable points of performance.

In addition to navigators, an important role is played by the so-called captain's journals - seafarer's diaries, concealing many secrets and valuable skills that significantly improve the skill of the whole team. But it is very important to treat such artifacts very seriously - having made the wrong decision and giving the magazine to a known weak ship, there is a risk of losing the advantage already in the first rounds of a hot battle.

Development of triumphal tactics

The main feature of the game "Captains: Legends of the Oceans" is not at all in the variety of units and structures, which the developers have so carefully taken care of. The main emphasis is on the literacy of actions, the creation of tactics and strategies for the development of its own power, without which it will inevitably sink into the abyss of obscurity.

Needless to say: the game in every possible way encourages good ideas and, on the contrary, punishes users for frivolous and rash acts. Therefore, it does not matter at all how large your fleet reaches - if you have a thought, you can find a way out of any, even the most difficult situation, and become a triumphant. This is how the real MMORTS should look!

Do not delay with the decision - take the honorary title of commander of the fleet and swim forward, to search for glorious and exciting adventures! Seas and oceans await their legendary heroes!

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