android game-Airport City-mod

Airport City HD  is a strategy in which you have to build and develop an international city with a huge airport, and everything connected with it. Developers already know how to create the game - 2020: My Country .  Your airfield will be designed for hundreds of aircraft, which will rise to the sky almost every minute and they will visit every corner of the Earth. Your opportunities in construction will be almost unlimited, build new lanes for take-off and hangars for passenger aircraft. Open all the possible services that will provide first-class service to customers. And of course do not forget about the city, which will supply your airport with everything you need.

The game Airport City will be divided into two parts. The first, in which you will build your own airport and its units, but in the second you will already be engaged in the development of the city. In the strategy you will get to know the characters who will help you. When you are a little upset, you can appoint your subjects what flight you are going to. Collect rare items and earn useful bonuses. Keep improving your mastery of administration all the time and get new levels that will give you access to exclusive planes and new exotic flights. Do so that each building brings you revenue and replenish the treasury.

The strategy received a good schedule for a complete lack of advertising, which is a great rarity for such games. The game is completely free with a small paid internal store. Sound is also at the highest level, because to him you do not have to find fault. One phrase - it turned out a qualitative simulator of this airport.


- Build your own unique town;

- Constant upgrade of aircraft and buildings with each new level;

- Constant "hot flights" for vip customers;

- A useful system of training and training;

- Many characters and dozens of all the time opening buildings for construction;

- Lack of advertising and annoying banners in the game.

Dispatcher:  GIGL

Version of Android: 2.3.3 and above

Language: English, Russian

Download for free: