android game Tiny Rails (endless money and stones) - Mod



Tiny Rails - a good arcade, in which you will visit the role of the owner of the railway. At your disposal will be a train, with a lot of passenger and freight cars. Carry people, a different load, in order to earn a lot of money, so that they can spend on a lot of new trains, or on a collection of retro trains. Also in the game you can build your network of railway stations, and thereby increase your income.

Excellent pixel graphics, easy control, and interesting design, all this is present in the rather amusing game "Tiny Rails". It attracts a lot of fans of old school games, its own gameplay and a stunning retro style, which makes the game very enjoyable and interesting. Develop your railway, and also do not forget to pump your trains to increase the speed of movement, and thereby ensure the rapid delivery of cargo.

Features of fashion:

- Open a lot of stones and money.