android game Jurassic Survival (endless craft) Mod

Jurassic Survival is a wonderful action that will immerse you in the world of prehistoric animals, and exciting adventures. You have to play a character that woke up in an unknown place, where huge and bloodthirsty dinosaurs live. The main goal of your hero is to survive, in an eerie habitat of various creatures who want to sit down. Look for your allies on a God-forgotten land to create a team to deal with huge reptiles.

Build your base, which will have all the conditions for survival. In the game, you also need to collect resources, pump the character, and craft various items. In "Jurassic Survival" you will see a lot of exciting missions, such as a long distance run of odd dinosaurs, as well as a fun mission in which to get tyrannosaur eggs for your team so they do not starve to death. Do everything possible so that your hero could hold out as long as possible in this dangerous and wild world.


Features of hacking:

- I got the opportunity to endlessly deal with the craft;

- Received 99 level in the game.