android game Gangstar Vegas 2018 mod

Turn the Las Vegas from head to foot! The new part of Gangstar Vegas City of Sin turned out to be much more beautiful, realistic and got a much richer game world for all the past parts combined. You will play for a young fighter who broke the contract and won the battle in which he had to lose, now he will be hit by big troubles from the mafia. You have to get the hero out of this mess.

In the new part of the game "Gangstar Vegas" will be available more than 80 missions, which will participate in races, fights, play casinos, fly by airplanes and helicopters, participate in battles in the ring and much more. In your arsenal will be available more than 30 weapons (including a Molotov cocktail, minigun and even a guitar). Thanks to the HAVOK engine and the most powerful  Tegra processors  on the phone, you can perform colorful and incredible tricks.


- Eighty stunning tasks;

- Each character has its own unique story;

- The inner world has become simply enormous;

- HAVOK engine, which has no limitations;

- A very large set of different weapons;

- The most extensive car fleet, which includes: muscle-cars, super-cars and fighters;

- The ability to make the most unique character to your taste.